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The challenge

A 20 year old business, with strong brand positioning through the years of work by the founder, David. Gabriel began managing the national business soon after it was acquired by the new owner.

Two tired-looking e-commerce sites constituted 70% of sales, with the balance coming from two retail locations.

The business systems were understood well by the team. However, the business relied mainly on the accounting software for managing quotes, orders, invoicing, and payments. Nothing else was automated.

Once an order was received from a client, the only future contact was driven by the client.

A complete overhaul was in desperate need, with a goal to

Coordinate, centralise and manage data.

Create a SPOT (Single Point of Truth) for the data.

Develop a web-based portal for sales staff to process orders at Head Office and the retail sites.

Develop an ERP to manage stock, processes, quality, and orders.

Integrate the sales process with a CRM (an Off the Shelf System).

Integrate all systems - eCommerce, ERP, CRM, Accounting, Banking.

Rebrand and refresh the digital presence.

The Process


Understanding and mapping the business workflow.

Understanding the legacy systems to determine if and how they can be integrated with a modern system.

After understanding the business and it’s needs, we then start the planning

Planning an MVP
(Minimum Viable Product) what can be delivered quickly and cheaply to provide the maximum benefits.

Planning successive stages of development and release

Designing the architecture

The Process

System Development

Testing and release to production with training

Functional testing and feedback




Hours of Development


Hours testing



Powerful Messages
and Strong Images

In order to improve the corporate image and digital presence, the homepage now emphasises the unique selling proposition of each of the services.

Simple, Highly Effective User Experience

To improve the user experience we developed a modern search function, restructured the data to permit tags and categorisation. This means customers can quickly find what they are searching for.

Gabriel Villareal

Sales & Marketing Manager, Primivo

This has been a successful project which has meant an important change in mindset for our business.

1-. More Sales - the new customer experience and ongoing engagement via the CRM integration means more sales at a lower acquisition cost.

2-. More Efficiency - with the new ERP our performance and Balanced Scorecards are top of mind and our dashboards show us what is a priority. Business processes are automated, so they are much faster and done at a higher quality. This also keeps our customers and team happy.

3-. Confidence - we are now confident our data is managed effectively and securely.


Christopher Clarke

Director, Viveo Group

We love big challenging projects. Even more though, we love seeing the positive results of our work.

Primivo was a business with enormous potential, but it was a business that was struggling to advance into the modern digital world. We helped them open their wings and now they are flying from success to success!

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