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An end to end solution for Taxis


The challenge

Threatened by the disruptive new players in the urban mobility sector (Uber and Lyft for example), the Tacho.Uno founders wanted to develop an end to end solution for taxis to permit them to compete in the new playing field.

The new system would elevate the service of taxis in Argentina to provide an App-based, Web-based solution for customers.

The goal to:

Offer modern functionalities such as click to request a taxi.

Improve security by linking passengers to vehicles and drivers and track movements.

Provide a web-based solution for passengers and taxi dispatch centres.

Manage taxi enrollments.

Suite of reports.

The Process


Once the business model is well defined we can start planning the system; starting with the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) with consideration the following stages.

Tacho.Uno - AppTracking Screen

The App is available for Android and iOS.

 Download App

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After confirmation with the client, we start development, testing and launch of the MVP.

Matías B

General Manager, Tacho.Uno

Viveo’s work was impeccable. The project was delivered on time and on budget.

We have the confidence to grow the business and expand to other provinces.

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Mariela A

Director, Viveo Group

Tacho.Uno is the second system Viveo has launched in this space. Although, this project was considerably more comprehensive than the first due to inclusion of many more features in the passenger and taxi Apps, as well as the dispatch and emergency monitoring features.

If you visit Tucuman, be sure to use the App - it’s great!

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